Council’s Affiliation Registration Examination and ERP System (CAREERS)

An Overview

As a part of the process of modernization, the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations has planned to implement an integrated set of software applications and systems that has been christened as “CAREERS” (Council’s Affiliation Registration Examination and ERP System).

The CAREERS project seeks to benefit the affiliated schools and the Council by carrying out communication in a faster and more secure manner. This System provides a user friendly, secure, scalable, standard-based manner for the stakeholders to send / receive authenticated, encrypted information for various processes performed.

The CAREERS System will cater to the following:

§ Online Registration of candidates for ICSE, ISC and CVE Examinations (eRegistration).

§ Online Corrections in the data of registered candidates.

§ Online transaction of various Examination related processes.

§ Online payments related to various activities (for example Examination Charges, Payment to Examiners, etc.).

§ Online despatch of circulars and sending notifications to schools (through SMS and emails).

§ Online submission of forms for Affiliation (eAffiliation).

Technology Driven Processes

The functionalities associated with the above processes are described below:

eRegistration and Correction in the data of registered candidates

The e-Registration Module will allow affiliated schools to register their students online for the ICSE, ISC and CVE Examinations. In addition, the module will allow the affiliated schools to submit online requests to the Council for corrections in the information of the registered candidates (for example candidate’s name, mother’s name, father’s name, etc.), corrections in subject/s offered by candidates, etc.. It will also support transfer and withdrawal of candidates.

The schools will also be able to submit their requests online for issue of eligibility numbers to students who have passed the Class X Examination from an Examination board other than the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations and who would like to join ISC Course in Class XI. The Council will in turn issue eligibility numbers online (to eligible candidates).

The office of the Council and the schools will interact through the online system to confirm and execute the respective procedures.

Transaction of various Examination related processes

The new system (CAREERS) will automate the entire examination process which starts from identifying and managing examination centres to publishing the results.

The system will allow online interaction between the office of the Council and the concerned schools for the following processes:

  • Centre Arrangements – The Conveners will be able to submit the details of Centre Arrangements including list of schools awarded independent examination centres and other schools attached to them, centre wise details of appointment of Supervising Examiners, Invigilators, Inspectors, Visiting Examiners, etc.. The submitted details will be verified by the Council and communication regarding the same would be sent to the conveners.
  • Nomination and selection of Examiners – The schools will be able to nominate teachers as Examiners for various subjects online. The confirmation regarding appointment of examiners, dates of evaluation, centres for evaluation etc. will be sent to the schools.
  • Submission of Marks of Internal Assessment/Project work
  • Requests for special consideration for candidates with special difficulties
  • Requests for condonation of shortage of candidate’s attendance
  • Requests for transfer of examination centre
  • Submission of requests for Recheck of a subject Grade


The Online Payment System enables both School and Council users to conduct financial transactions online. The CAREERS System is integrated to a secure Payment Gateway enabling users to make online payments through Net Banking, Credit Cards or Debit Cards.

Circulars & Notifications

The circulars issued by the Council will be sent to schools through the online system. Automatic Notifications through SMS and email will keep the Schools updated with the Council’s requirements and news. Communication for necessary operations related to eRegistration, eAffiliation, Examination etc. would be communicated through notifications.


The eAffiliation system will help the concerned schools to initiate the affiliation process online by filling out the “Online Application Form” (for Upgradation to ISC / Permanent affiliation/CVE).

Benefits of CAREERS

· Reduced Manual Efforts

CAREERS is a fully electronic system which contains inbuilt business rule validations which make the applications easy to use and understand.

· Time saving

Communication and other processes between the schools and the Council will happen electronically through the system, resulting in saving of time. The system will generate automated messages, emails and other notifications in a timely manner.

· Reduction of Paper Work

As the new system will store all the data electronically and the communication will happen through emails, it will minimize the usage of paper handling and the cost. The user will take print outs only if required.

· Easy Access to Records

Search and find option in the system will allow the user to locate and retrieve the required information easily.

· Data Security

The facility of providing role wise permission to users to access the data will facilitate maintenance of confidentiality.

· Cost effective

Reduction of paper, man hours and physical storage space will help in reduction of costs.

· Effective Communication

Notifications sent through SMS and email would provide effective communication between the Council and Schools.

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